Q:   What can I do using Manage Your Account?

A:    You can turn residential utility service on or off, or move to a new address in Anaheim. You can review your past electric and water usage, check on pending service orders, request a one-time payment extension, and update your customer profile.

Q:   How do I register for Manage Your Account?

A:    You need to have your Anaheim Customer ID number, which is printed in the upper right hand corner of your utility bill, and the last four digits of your social security number. If you don’t have your Customer ID, or a Social Security Number, please call us at 714.765.3300 for assistance.

Q:   I do not have a User ID or Password. How do I get into Manage Your Account?

A:    If you do not have a User ID or Password, you need to register. To register for Manage Your Account, go to, and click on “Log in or register to Manage Your Account.”

Q:   My User ID and/or Password don’t work. Now what?

A:    Both the User ID and Password are case sensitive. When you log on to your account, it must be consistent with what you entered when registering.  For example, “John Doe” must be entered as “John Doe.” If you enter it “JOHN DOE,” the system will not recognize it.

Q:   I forgot my User ID or Password How do I get them?

A:    If you forgot your Password, simply click on “Forgot my password,” and enter your User ID and E-mail address, and your Password will be sent to your email. If you have changed your E-mail address or forgot your User ID, click on “Forgot my User ID” and enter your Utility Customer ID number, and the last four numbers of your social security number. You can also call us at 714.765.3300, and a customer service representative can assist you.

Q:   If I have multiple accounts with Anaheim Public Utilities, do I need to create a User ID and Password for each of the accounts?

A:    No. Once you have enrolled, you can continue to use the same User ID and Password for each of your additional accounts. However, you will still need to manually enter your new account numbers into your profile.

Q:   Can I make a payment online?

A:    Yes, by using our e-Pay service. To use e-Pay, go to and click on Login or Register for e-Pay. To make a one-time payment, click on Pay Now.  To sign up for recurring payments in e-Pay click on Enroll. Once enrolled, you can set-up recurring payments, or store your payment information and make payments when you choose. You can also elect to stop receiving paper bills and instead receive email notification when your bill is ready.

Note:  Although payments can be scheduled through the online payment option, it does not extend the dates on which your bills are due.

Q:   Can I use Manage Your Account if I am moving out of the City of Anaheim?

A:    You can use Manage Your Account to terminate your service with Anaheim Public Utilities. To request services in another city, you will need to contact that city’s energy and/or water provider.

Q:   Will conducting business via your website subject me to frequent and unsolicited E-mails from third-party organizations?

A:    No. The City of Anaheim does not disclose any of its customer information to third-party organizations for solicitation purposes.

Q:   Is there a fee for using   Manage Your Account or e-Pay?

A:    No. There is no cost for using either Manage Your Account or e-Pay.

Q:   How do I know that my account information is safe and secure when using your online services?

A:    The Internets growth, popularity, and usefulness depend on the secure handling of personal and financial information. The protection of your personal information is critical to our success. We secure this information on two levels: the application level, and the facility level. 

At the application level, the system uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption for all transmissions of consumer data. An authentication process through the use of a user-defined password is also employed to ensure that only the customer can view his/her own information. In addition, the system is set up to automatically close down and log-off when the system is not used after a pre-defined amount of time. On the facility level, the used of redundant firewalls are utilized to stop unauthorized access to the information. Systems are also physically monitored around the clock to ensure that security measures are enforced and maintained. Additionally, access to data centers are strictly controlled, and special access devices have been established to prevent unauthorized entry and access to information.